NGOs network

DIACOMET brings academic research, communication practice and citizens’ participation under the same umbrella.

Lead by a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, the consortium consists of the three pillars:

  • academic institutions;
  • practitioners; and
  • citizens, through the participating NGOs from all the participating countries.

DIACOMET’s two cooperating NGO partners, Hungarian Europe Society (HES) and Think Thank Praxis from Estonia have vital role in the successful implementation of the project. 

  • As the first step for reaching out to the target groups, HES and Praxis will build a new international network, where they will involve additionally one relevant organisation from each participating country. 
  • This network will be involved in the focus group interviews, creating and testing the ‘dilemma game’ and online forum, and will also participate in developing the civic accountability bodies in our DIACOMET countries. Whereas reaching out to the target groups and testing the dilemma game are its key tasks, and the results will be later used for improving the online tools.
  • The network will also take action to realise DIACOMET´s goal of empowering minorities and disadvantaged groups to be able to safely utilize media.
  • Additionally, NGO partners will closely monitor the media market and reflect as necessary (within the project timeframe) as some European Commission policy interventions and/or measures applicable to certain EU Member States within the consortium (i.e. Hungary) are foreseeable with potential impact to the media/journalistic context of research.

If you are interested to be one of our cooperating NGO partners, please contact us at