DIACOMET approaching its first year

April 16, 2024

The DIACOMET consortium gathered on a project meeting in Budapest, Hungary, organised by our partner Hungarian Europe Society.

As the project is approaching its first year, the consortium meeting was a great opportunity to review the project activities so far and make plans for the future.

The meeting began with a workshop on Dilemmas of Democratic Dialogue, organised under the auspices of DIACOMET.

The workshop was followed by a meeting of Advisory Board and PCC members, who reviewed the project and discussed reporting, financial and administrative issues.

The following days were filled with discussions and brainstorming about DIACOMET work packages and outcomes – from the database of ethical codes, implementing the Delphi method, using the Q-technique, reflecting on piloting focus groups and reviewing didactics of the “dilemma game”.

The consortium also discussed publishing plans, issues concerning academic integrity and reviewed project dissemination and communication activities.