Discussing DIACOMET at the Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

February 12, 2024

The second Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence – Changing the Landscape of AI Governance was hosted by the Government of Slovenia in the Brdo Congress Centre of Kranj on the 5th and 6th of February 2024.

The forum brought together “experiences and expertise of countries at different levels of technological and policy development, for a focused exchange to learn from each other, and for a dialogue with the private sector, academia and a wider civil society,” the organizers wrote. 

Representative of DIACOMET partner the University of Ljubljana prof. Marko Milosavljević participated in the discussion on UNESCO’s Guidelines on the Governance of Digital Platforms: Implications for Artificial Intelligence Regulation, which was organised on the second day of the forum.

He also discussed our work at DIACOMET with self-regulation, ethics and addressing different stakeholders. “We are currently analyzing approximately 300 codes of ethics within the EU, regarding journalists, PR representatives, politicians and many others to find out the shared grounds and the differences between stakeholders,” he explained.

Listen to the whole session here, starting around 1 hour 40 minutes: