How are Swiss news organizations ensuring a responsible approach to AI technology

July 9, 2024

Representative of DIACOMET partner Università della Svizzera italiana Laura Amigo participated on a conference titled “Public Communication and Artificial Intelligence: Impact and Consequences” on Friday, July 5th 2024.

Our representative presented a paper, co-authored with Colin Porlezza. Drawing on a governance and media accountability approach, the paper explores how Swiss news organizations approach AI by examining the extent to which AI technology is regulated in Swiss news organizations codes of ethics and guidelines, and how journalists perceive the integration of AI in news production.

The research is based on inductive thematic analysis of a focus group and semi-structured interviews conducted with Swiss journalists, as well as of news media’s ethics codes and guidelines addressing AI, collected as part of the DIACOMET project. 

The conference, held both online and in Bucharest, was organized by the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the University of Bucharest, Romania, and the Institut de la Communication and the Laboratoire Education, Cultures, Politiques of Université Lumière Lyon 2, France.

Amigo, L., Porlezza, C. (2024). How are Swiss news organzations ensuring a responsible approach to Ai technology [Conference presentation]. Public communication and artificial intelligence: Impact and consequences. University of Bucharest, Université Lumière Lyon 2, Bucharest, Romania.